2V-P Hydrogen Electron Orbitals

created by Pascal Lesport
edited for live performance by Ali M. Demirel


“2V-P_Hydrogen Electron Orbitals” implementation is based on the first hydrogen atom orbitals (energy eigenfunctions) visualisation. These are cross-sections of the probability density that are colour-coded (black represents zero density and blue represents the highest density), i.e. representations of wave-functions that appear as a result of solving Schrödinger’s equation in polar coordinates. For each principal quantum number n (= 1, 2, 3, .4), and each angular momentum (orbital) quantum number l (l = 0, … , n-1), wave-functions are evaluated with the magnetic quantum number set to 0, and the xz-plane (z is the vertical axis) as the cross-sectional plane, and finally weight mixed together to produce the final image.